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Blockchain and the Kingdom of Bling - Dirty Big Secrets Talk with Lisa Calkins

July 5, 2021

Lisa Calkins of Halfblast Studios joins our blockchain talk, but we get very human with it and talk about such things as fraud and the fact that it doesn't always just happen the way that you think it happens . Lisa explains…

Guest: Lisa Calkins
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Blockchain - Philotimo and Getting Along from Historical Fights to Modern-day Slights Tech Can Empower and Change Human Beings with Mostafa Purmehdi

June 14, 2021

This episode is on Blockchain, Philotimo and getting along from historical fights to modern day slights: Without thinking of all these cultures and all these different languages, all these different ideas that live right th…

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Blockchain - How Tech Can Empower and Change Human Beings - Blockchain, ART, MUSIC, and NFTs with Mostafa Purmehdi

May 18, 2021

Have you all noticed how change seems to be occurring more and more often and happening faster and bigger than ever before? The thing about change is that it is never comfortable; there is a period of growth and adjustment.…