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Love these real world conversations

I find myself looking forward to Mondays when I can listen to the new episode of Our Friendly World that came out on Sunday. I love that it feels like you’re sitting in a living room with Fawn and Matt, listening to them talk through real world events and trials. I especially love when an episode starts out with one of them saying, “So we were having this argument…” because it’s authentic, and you know the work through conversation will be deep and fulfilling. The episodes on ethics were so good, since it’s a conversation that we have in my house often as well, but not as thought out. I really appreciate these deep conversations about things that are sometimes hard to get into with others. So brave and thoughtful!

a lovely, lighthearted conversation

i love listening to fawn and matt because i feel like they’re in the room with me. their conversations are relaxed, but also very informative. their topics are relatable and they take info from their personal lives, metaphors but also outside knowledge.

Inspiring & Informative

I love the lightness of this show! I feel the serenity of Fawn come through and it puts my mind at ease. She and Matt interview amazing people who share about the deeper and more subtle (but powerful) aspects of life, too. I highly recommend you subscribe and add Our Friendly World to your routine. 😃

Love Themmm

These two are so so sweet! I love their deep conversations so inspiring and relatable.

Friendly, Relevant Discussions

Fawn and Matt have timely conversations about how we can all unite with our fellow humans. Each with a unique persepective, the show leaves you with a positive outlook to ponder.

Now is the time to reflect and make change

After listening to this podcast and Fawn, it is clear that I need to look within to examine how I approach people. It’s refreshing to hear how others define friendship. In this time of isolation..... I’m looking forward to this podcast and growing as a human being. Thank you Fawn and Matt. Much love your way. Your friend...... larz

Let’s All Be Friends!

Fawn and Matt bring intelligence, heart, and a sense of humor to this not-too-often-talked-about topic. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. Great show!


Keep up the great work. Continue to keep building your tribe!!!

A must listen

Such an insightful podcast! I always am able to take something away from each one I listen to! Fawn and Matt are definitely paving a way to kinder & more understanding world!! So glad to have connected with them on Instagram! Xox love your friend, @j_rosee

This podcast is a treasure!

I am thrilled to be part of Fawn and Matt’s Friendly World.

Def Hit Subscribe!!

Fawn is one of the kindest human beings I know! So grateful to have known her through Instagram. xo Chef Carla @chefcarla_c

Love love love this!

“There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle.” -Albert Einstein I found one of my miracles, thank you from the bottom of my heart Fawn and Matt for your wisdom and sharing this with the world!

The world needs more of this right now!!!

Fawn and Matt are a great team!!! You can feel their sincerity, kindness and love for one another and the world we live in. They are genuine and share their wisdom and challenges and really move you to reflect and want to be a better person. Everyone should have Fawn and Matt in their lives and now we can - Thanks :)

A great podcast!

Two soothing voices with a great message. Just what we all need in these troubling and unsettling times. Eagerly looking forward to all the new topics as this gem of a podcast continues to grow.

An Honored Guest

Fawn and Matt welcome you into their lives as an honored guest in their home. I think we would all love to be a part of a community like the one they were a part of in Santa Monica. I look forward to hearing more of their stories and thoughts in future episodes.

Heartfelt and real

Fawn and Matt’s podcast is heartfelt, honest conversation about connection, community and the deep meanings of friendship. Their unique perspectives and easy going nature are refreshing and gratifying. They’re an amazing couple, calling attention to topics that need to be brought to light if we are to create a more loving, peaceful, kinder world. Thank you Fawn and Matt for being who you are and sharing your stories!

Soul Soothing

So grateful for this podcast! Fawn and Matt invite us into conversations on crucial, relevant topics in such a soothing way. I look forward to connecting with my new soul friends each week in this warm space.

Delightful and refreshing

Fawn and Matt highlight the emerging social vacuum that isolates us from one another. They identify friendship as the key to morph the voids that separate us, into the bridges that bond a sustainable community. They show the art of friendship from each of their very unique perspectives and personalities. Enduring friendship guided by a bit of Ying and bit of complementary Yang. The world needs this now more than ever. It is our only way out and the journey will be delightful, meaningful, profound and enduring. We are all blessed to have these 2 very special beings. Thank you both for what you are doing here and most of all for who you are. Blessings.

Martine MB Miami Fl

OMG! What a pleasure to listen to Our Friendly World with Fawn and Matt. Great stories, self reflection, soothing voices, and those two together are soooo cute!!! They were made for each other which is what makes that show so interesting as they introduce their own individual views into every subject they tackle in a kind and thoughtful manner! Love it!

Our Friendly Podcast

A podcast wth two hosts can be tricky, but both Fawn and Matt have such soothing and calm demeanors that it a joy to listen to both of them. We all need to be reminded how friendly the workd can be.

We need more of this!

Fawn and Matt bring themes and topics that we desperately need now. Can’t wait to listen to future heartwarming episodes!

Perfect podcasts to start your morning!!

Definitely you need to listen to Fawn and Matt every morning to energize your day with their stories they have to share with you. Thank you for putting these together and thank you for sharing with the world!

A good reminder

So excited for this podcast! In a Facebook world, this is a good reminder of the importance of real connection! I love that they do this together as a couple giving perspectives from both sides and have also made their daughters part of this mission. I love how open and genuine they are and their voices are soothing and engaging.

A breath of fresh air...

This is a timely, witty, and breath of fresh air type of show! Exactly what our world needs now more than ever!

Good Stuff

There are podcasts that come into your life at the perfect time. Fawn speaks to your heart and Matt speaks to your mind. They fill your head and entertain you on the way. Excellent morning listening.

Refreshing Perspective

Our Friendly World is a deep look inside society, culture, and the relationships that we build. Refreshing and absolutely needed in our current world.

Fawn = Friend

I’m so excited for this podcast. I’ve learned a lot through Fawn about different ways to think about friendship. What a treat for her and Matt to share this with the world!

Kind and Heartfelt

Calming, encouraging, heartfelt approach to navigating life and meaningful friendships. A kinder world starts with kinder individuals and this podcast!!