Aug. 15, 2021

The Art of the Plan with Guest Heather Lawrence

The Art of the Plan with Guest Heather Lawrence

Heather Lawrence joins us as we discuss the art of the plan and what it is. What's the plan?
 How do you know it's your plan? Is there a higher plan? Is there truly free will?
 What is the purpose of each person? How can we decipher between our purpose as apposed to someone else's thing; how do we know it's your deal or if it's feeling FOMO.
 Is there, is there a grand scheme? Is there a divine plan?
How do we become  a vibrational match to the plan that we have been wanting?
Can we plan? Should we be planning? You always hear that phrase. You know, if you want to hear God laugh, make a plan.  Aren't we working as a team here?
Heather explains how the universe wants to get us to accept things the way they are not reject the way they are.
How can we get through it all????
How to be an authentic match to your dreams.
How to be in alignment
This episode we ask the questions and ponder the answers.
To reach Heather:

Heather Lawrence joins us as we discuss the art of the plan and what it is. What's the plan?

 How do you know it's your plan? Is there a higher plan? Is there truly free will?

 What is the purpose of each person? How can we decipher between our purpose as apposed to someone else's thing; how do we know it's your deal or if it's feeling FOMO.

 Is there, is there a grand scheme? Is there a divine plan?

How do we become  a vibrational match to the plan that we have been wanting?

Can we plan? Should we be planning? You always hear that phrase. You know, if you want to hear God laugh, make a plan.  Aren't we working as a team here?

Heather explains how the universe wants to get us to accept things the way they are not reject the way they are.

How can we get through it all????

How to be an authentic match to your dreams.

How to be in alignment

This episode we ask the questions and ponder the answers.

To reach Heather:









[00:00:00] Fawn: [00:00:00] Welcome to our friendly world. Hello? Hello? Hello. What is the plan, Matt? What's the plan. If I take a nugget of wisdom. Okay. You just asked me what nugget would you use today? Yes. So today's episode, everyone is called the art of the plan and we have a special friend with us that I'll introduce you to in just a second, but the art of a plan.

I mean, I never wanted to go back to LA. That was not my plan. When do you know, it's your plan? Is there a higher plan? Is there free will. I mean, you know, sometimes most of my life I feel like, okay, I know, I feel that the right thing, I feel the answer. I know the universe, you know, I feel like I'm part of it.

So of course I know what's up, but sometimes I'm like, well, what, what is it like what's happening? What is, is there a plan? Because [00:01:00] I don't know. Sometimes I just don't know. What is the purpose of each person? How can we decipher between our purpose? You know, your true purpose from something. You you're drawn to, it could be someone else's thing.

Right. And you're looking at them and you're feeling FOMO. So you think their plan is your plan. Do you know what I'm saying?

Matt: [00:01:25] Yeah, no, no, no, no, absolutely. You can get totally sucked into somebody's reality in many ways that  if somebody is really into something and like you hang out with them, then all of a sudden you're like, wow, that's super cool.

Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. And you may think that, you should just stop doing what you're doing and start doing what this other person's doing for sure.

Fawn: [00:01:42] Yeah.

I, I equate it. I equate everything to eating. So it's like going to a restaurant and you think, you know what you want to order. And then someone orders tiramisu, and you're like, I want Tiramisu too.

Matt: [00:01:52] I remember going to a sushi place and ordering a certain kind of sushi. And then all of a sudden, everybody around me started ordering it. It was quite funny.

[00:02:00] Fawn: [00:02:00] So how do you know that that's happening? Some bizarre things happen in life. Some hard things happen in life and there must be a purpose to it all.

Is there a purpose purpose of that? I can't even stay at purpose. Is there, is there a grand scheme? Is there a plan that one would say, if you want to use the G word is a God's plan is a divine plan. Is there a divine is a, is there a higher plan?

Matt: [00:02:25] And if there is, what do I have to do with it? I'm just a small little hobbit in the, in spite of it

Fawn: [00:02:31] all.

Am I, I mean, I am God too. You, our God, aren't we? Yes. Yeah. But I don't, I'm sweating anyway. So I'm thinking about that. And I'm thinking, I, I, if what is free will then? I just, sometimes if you really get into it and if you let every, the flotsam and jetsam flying around your head, It can get a little [00:03:00] maddening.

 I don't know.  We have a friend here today that is a seer.  She is, oh boy, wait, wait, wait before. Okay. So the nugget of wisdom from Santa Monica. I did not want to go. I did not want to go. I did not want to stay in LA and it, it sucked me back and I knew she wanted something. I knew I had to be in LA.

All right. I didn't know what LA wanted, but I'm like fine. Those of you who want to get the whole story go to the very, very first episode and it explains all that, but you know, it did, it was the whole reason for the friendship movement. For me being there, there was, it was a total true apprenticeship for me from Santa Monica.

Anyway, so here we are today with a friend who. Is a seer. She is Heather Lawrence. She's a TV personality  and she's a host she's a really good card reader. She's an expert actually. She's on news outlets. She does red [00:04:00] carpets. I'm going to let her explain to you.

 I want you to meet Heather Lawrence, Heather. Thank you so much for being here.

Heather: [00:04:08] Hey. Hi. How are you? Hi, how's it going? 4th of July, 4th

Matt: [00:04:13] of July.

Heather: [00:04:14] So how are you always fourth.

The July here in America.

Fawn: [00:04:18] Yes. Bang. Bang. Oh, which is well, I'm sorry. I don't like fire, fire.

I don't mind the parade. It's the fire. Everything is so violent.

Heather: [00:04:32] I agree, my least favorite holiday. Really? The holidays.

Yeah. I don't, I'm starting to care

Fawn: [00:04:39] Have you seen those pictures of birds who suddenly dropped dead from the sky after fireworks.  It's not okay. I don't like balloons and I don't like fireworks.

It just reminds me of war. I don't like it. Scary. Yeah. It's an

Heather: [00:04:53] excuse. It's like a weird holiday excuse for people who have this weird thing about blowing things up. [00:05:00] Right.

Fawn: [00:05:01] I'm sure there are other ways we can look at things in the sky and have it be beautiful and go. Yeah.

Heather: [00:05:07] So yes, except for  Disneyland. They do a good light show.

Fawn: [00:05:12] So Heather, I told them people you were coming on. Am I, do you have any questions for Heather? So we got some questions.   Let me just go down the list. Okay. So. Of course Heather, you work with lots of people, you work with lots of personalities, um, especially in Hollywood.

And one of the questions is why is LA such the hotspot for all this? Like I grew up around this I'm obviously from LA well, like we are so open to it. It's therapy going, getting readings done and like totally going into that realm. So seriously, it's, it's like as a matter of fact, . But you didn't do that.

You were from more south California, matt, are [00:06:00] you going to talk?

Matt: [00:06:00] I am. And, and yes, I grew up on the border of LA and orange counties in Southern California.

Fawn: [00:06:07] Heather, we want to know what is going on.

Matt wants to know,  is there an uptick in what people want to know lately? Like what are the questions people keep asking, like as a population, as a

Heather: [00:06:18] whole, he asked me to most, well, most people are asking about their work or romance. So that's the biggest, uh, the really big is, uh, in the COVID though, some people will ask about their health.

So some people do a lot, or a lot of people don't want to know about their health. So they'll say, which is weird. They'll say like, don't tell me about my health. I don't want to know. And they may ask about a relative's health, but in the COVID I felt like people asked about if they were going to be okay.

But most of all, it's, asking about how someone feels about them. Like another person's, you know, cause you're, you're married and everything, so you're not going to be, but I do get married people calling me and asking me, serious things like,  should I stay in the marriage? Should I not?

It's most of the relationships are number one and [00:07:00] business.

Matt: [00:07:02] So, but, but is that shifted because what we're seeing, I think in the world right now, especially quote unquote, coming out of COVID,  I read an article this week that said 40% of people are looking for a new job, for instance, and we're seeing a massive amount of home buying happening right now.

It's totally a sellers market because everybody wants to buy a house. Everybody wants to quote unquote, upgrade their lives it feels like, and  they're even saying things like hourly employees because of the unemployment benefits, they're being more selective and choosy. And so we're seeing things like burger king offering a $1,500 signing bonus and all sorts of strangeness.

And it really feels like once again, we've kind of lived in this world where, all the rules seem to be getting rewritten every, every year, every 18 months, every six months, every, you know, when we've been in this rapid fire ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. So coming out of the pandemic, are you seeing a change in the things people are interested in.

Heather: [00:07:59] Oh, yeah, [00:08:00] yeah. No, that level, yes, absolutely. People are more questioning what they're doing. Correct. Correct. The relationships they are there, there are you're right there. Aren't going to upgrade more than downgrade because they had so much time to spend with themselves in their thoughts. So a lot of things come up or they're in relationships where they spend a lot of time at home and they're realizing what what's really important to them.

So that's why upgrades. So some people you're right about home buying. I think that's more about you. We spend so much time at home now. So you really want your experience at home to be good. You realize, you know what, I want to live in a better place. You had so much time to survey the premises of where you were and recognize, I don't really want this.

I want to, I want something better because you're spending more time there. And before spending more time in the office, so you can just come home and you're like, oh, it was good. You know, you weren't awake enough to realize you didn't like where you were.  You spend more time hearing your neighbors being loud. Or you're like, okay, I can't do this.

The cars, the, this, the, that. So yes, upgrade is where people are at, which is actually good. And, you know, I mean, and the work to [00:09:00] you're right. Cause their purpose they're like maybe they don't want to work so hard. It's actually people want more for less. It was probably what it is. They're like, I want more money for less time because they became more valuable during it, with their surroundings became more valuable to them like family, you know?

So they're like, yeah, I want to spend more time with my family. So what you got, I'm not going to do this for that. So it's a funny, right. It's interesting turn. But most people went the right way. I think that is the right way. Probably. So it actually moves the curve a little.

Fawn: [00:09:30] I mean, it's the whole basis of what we've always talked about home and relationships.

And we feel  over the past two decades, especially we have noticed that there has been such a decline in relationships and friendships and the whole, , loneliness epidemic and everything. So, and that's, that's where we came in. It was, we saw it like 20 years ago, this happening, and I saw it from families.

I saw it when I was a little, little kid growing up and noticing the differences and different cultures,  [00:10:00] especially in LA  noticing how this one culture wants their kids out. Like, as soon as they're born



Heather: [00:10:07] I had the  parents  because they were like, get out,

Fawn: [00:10:09] well, I always heard from other families like my friends,  families saying you're out at 18 you're you're out on your own kid, you know? And they had like a lease 18. Once you're 18 you're out. And just that, that whole vibe I think translated into how we treat each other and how friendships are now, but like, that's, that's a whole drawn out thing.

But going back to the questions I'm just going to pose all the questions that people asked and then we can pick and choose whatever you want to concentrate on. And okay. And then we have some questions too, besides that. So in general, but people that I asked, okay, what do you want me to ask Heather?

They were like, um, can you ask her what the future of the United States will be like? Um, will there ever be a world leader who's a Lightworker or a healer? What's going to [00:11:00] happen with the climate change? Are we gonna fix it? Um, did I already say what's the future of the United States? That that was one.

From the questions that I got, there's a lot of universal anxiety for the future. Like, are we going to make things better? Are we actually going to make it? , or is there more bad stuff coming? Like, what is it more shoes about to drop from the sky? What is going on in general?

And then Heather, when you and I were talking a few days ago, I really liked where our conversation was going, because I'm like, you know, if ideally you could get people to ask a certain way, like, how would the questions  change? And you were like, wouldn't it be great if you could ask,  how do I become a vibrational match to this or that,

  Can we touch on that today? Like how do we become  a vibrational match to the plan that we have been wanting? And then I also want to talk about, like, of course the, [00:12:00] our, the plan is. Can we plan? Should we be planning? You always hear that phrase. You know, if you want to hear God laugh, make a plan that always bothered me because I'm like, wait, aren't we working as a team here?

Like what? I'm not allowed to make a plan and all of that stuff. So let's just get into that. And I also want to talk about,  all your great work out there in the world and the great work you're doing with dogs and, and just, you know what, I I'd like to put it out there to you, Heather, what you think we should focus on what you want us to know, whatever you pick up, let's get into it.

Are you ready, guys? Let's go. Hey Heather. Well turning

it to you.

Heather: [00:12:46] Oh goodness. Well, any of those questions or any. Uh, blends into one because things are the way they are. So people say the universe wants us to deal with the way it is now. We don't, we don't want us to deal with how it's going to get. [00:13:00] Or so that's the first problem.

So you're, if you're okay where you're at, if we're always running from where we're at,  that isn't the answer either.  So we look at it like this, every, whatever the leader of the world or whoever they're there  everything is in perfect timing. So there is no getting better is everything's ebb and flow.

So do they get better? Yeah. And they get worse. So there's never going to be a light at the end of the tunnel where it's perfect. Cause that's not the world. So people are, it's good to aim toward that, but then you also end up a frustrated person because nothing's ever perfect. So I think the universe wants to get us to accept things the way they are not reject the way they are.

That's how we get through it. So, then that answers the question will we  have an enlightened leader. Well, you will, when the world catches up to them, they're just not ready for that. People aren't ready for that. And so, because everybody's in different camps, so the pandemic [00:14:00] was good in a lot of ways, in a lot of ways, it divided a lot of people.

So I think that the world or wherever, whoever God, whoever you believe in, um, says, says, is trying to scream at everybody. We're all equal because the COVID stretched across everybody. Right? It wasn't, it was like people under a rock were told quarantining, right? Famous people, poor people. Everybody was quarantined.

So for once across the board, every everything was the same. Right? You want to get special treatment because your Beyonce right. In the COVID, they don't care. She has to be at home too. So, and then you got the George Floyd case, which sort of like raised a question again of equality. And then it went the other way of saying, it's not,equal

so that is a touchy subject in itself. There's no, there's no mistake that the George Floyd situation happened during the COVID. Cause it's all about the universe says well, everybody's equal and people don't like that here that, so it's like, [00:15:00] well, either we all get that or we get another COVID we get, we get all these things happening because that's what the universe trying to move you toward.

 We have to be enlightened before we can have an enlightened leader, because that is the match. We're not a match to as, as a country. Are we a match to an enlightened leader? I don't think so.

Matt: [00:15:17] Right. Well, we certainly got challenged, around the world.

And it very much drew attention to the fact that we're not equal and sometimes I wonder. You know, obviously it's a good thing for us to be, for us to know for us to feel the pain, but ultimately, does that take us to enlightenment or does that keep us separate?

So if, if we're aiming for utopia, right? So if that's true, that's our goal, you know, well, backup school,

Heather: [00:15:46] society,

Matt: [00:15:48] society.

I mean, it, I think it'd be very hard to find a person who says that they wouldn't want a world where people are treated fairly and equitably. And, everybody has enough to [00:16:00] eat. Everybody has medical, everybody, you know, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. And, and I, nobody would at the, on the face of that very simplified view would say no to that.

So is focusing in on the problems helping us towards that goal or not. It's

Fawn: [00:16:17] not right. I think what Heather, you were saying, it's not, when we focus in on those problems.

Heather: [00:16:22] Oh, it's like, we just have to watch it like a chicken. It's not to acknowledge people in their pain, you know? Cause they are, but you have to remember too, again, being a match.

So if you're walking around saying certain things are happening to you all the time, they just keep happening to you.

Fawn: [00:16:37] What you think grows, what you focus on grows

Heather: [00:16:40] as a whole,  if you keep telling the story, that's the story that continues.

So it's like an endless fight. It won't .People say the fight's  not over. Well, let's hope it gets over soon. Cause we're, it's, that's the weird thing to say. It's not over it's to go. Okay. Well then it will never be, I guess, because. [00:17:00] It's just like, you know, it's you're right. Everybody wants to go toward the same path and ultimately, right, everybody does. So it's like, unless you're completely off the mark, then we should all agree that everybody would like everyone to get along, but we don't all get along. And there are some people who are super ignorant. So there you go.

Fawn: [00:17:17] So if we were to become a vibrational match to something that we want, what do we do?

Like, how do we become the match?

Heather: [00:17:27] That's a good one. So you become the match by, so if you wanted to give a simple example of my clients, I'll say, if you want to work for Disney and you're completely depressed, you probably won't get the job. So you're not in alignment with what they're doing.

If you go to the park, it's all been, you know, if you don't smile, they actually have a smile school. They're not kidding. Like when you get hired that you have to go to like happy school. Cause that's what they're selling. So you can't become something that you're not. So if you're not a match to that, it won't line up with you.

No matter how  hard. You try, if you pretend you are this [00:18:00] and that, that's not being a match. So it'd be an authentic match is to be that in which you would like to become you know, surround yourself in situations which you'd like to produce. So you want to be in alignment with something. So if you're like, when I wanted to have a baby, I was old when I had my son.

But all I would do is curse people who have babies, you know, the truth, right. I would be like under my breath, because if, if someone was pregnant, I'd be upset about that. And my friend was like, well,  good luck I'm having a baby because you're not aligned with having one. And you don't know what these people have been through to have theirs.

And I was like, yeah, you're right.  That's one aspect of it. The other aspect of it was me not being in alignment because I had my own story about becoming a mother. So I was not a vibrational match to having a child. And so I lined all of it up. Hey, I deserve to have a baby. That's been in alignment, not, oh, this will never happen.

I'm just never having kids. I'm gonna keep trying. They're like, well, good luck with that because that's not coming. So that's been a match to something.

[00:19:00] Fawn: [00:19:00] So like if I wanted my career to finally happen and I realized that's probably not a good way to say it, it's a bad start. It's kind of negative.

Heather: [00:19:13] No, cause that's everybody wants that.

Fawn: [00:19:15] So what. What do I, what do I do? Do I,

Heather: [00:19:20] you are that you see you are that you're already, because like you talked about earlier in the podcast, we were talking about how do we know our purpose? Well, the purpose, you know the purpose because it's in you and so strong in you. So universe drops like a chip in you and says, this is what you're going to do.

When you get to earth, you won't remember what  we just told you, but you gravitate toward it. Whatever that goal is, you have. So universe already says, it's yours. They don't give it to you. So I get to get a claim ticket, pick it up. They'll say, well, it's here, but you got to come get it. So not just handing it to you,

Fawn: [00:19:51] you know, it's something that you shouldn't be doing, but you really want, but you know, like

Heather: [00:19:57] everything goes wrong.

So [00:20:00] I would just say, it's all perfect. The road to success is, not paved smoothly, but it leads to somewhere. It's leading to the next thing. Even if a door shuts another door opens. So that's how you know. And then what kind of people you say, you'd look at your environment, what's your environment like?

So your environment is not great. It's probably not a match to where you should be going because    it just doesn't resonate. Something we, like you said earlier about God, but what we want may not be with what they want for us. So it's heartbreaking for a lot of people, but it wouldn't make us happy anyway,

Fawn: [00:20:35] see, this is where I'm still stuck. I don't know. I don't know what to do because obviously it's taken me decades with my photography work. When do I know to give up? Should I give up? Should I give up? Well,

Heather: [00:20:48] usually, well, sometimes if you do give up, it comes to you. So it's more about sort of giving up.

It's letting go and then letting it come in and then you can make the decision. So don't  throw the baby [00:21:00] out with the bath water you sort of are like, kinda let it go and see, because if we're pulling so hard, we can't see. So we let go, then it can come in and then obviously you'll figure it out or you'll go in another direction.  The rivers flowing right. Or the flow you to the next thing. But if you're like holding on for dear life, you'll never know that answer. So it's cheesy, but letting go technically, is it  ultimate picture, it's loving yourself more than the object that you're after.

Whether it be a person or a job, you've got to be like, you know what? This, I am not happy doing this. I'd rather  live under a rock or just be single because I'm done. And the universe says, now you're talking, thank you. You become the value. You're the value, not what you're chasing is the value.

That's how, you know,

Fawn: [00:21:47] Can you read me a little bit? Like, can you read my, my word work? Cause it seems like I can look at it for you. Okay. Can you, can we do that? Is that okay? I feel selfish. I [00:22:00] wanted to like, have it be like a universal, but now I'm like, I want to know.

Heather: [00:22:04] Okay. What do you want to know?

Fawn: [00:22:06] I don't know.

I don't know. Um, I want to know everything we're doing with the whole friendship movement. It feels like it's split, you know, but I feel like all the pieces I've worked on for all these decades are coming together, but is it just my crazy imagination? Like I'm moved to do this huge social movement around the art of friendship and bringing people together because my thing is, I feel like we can solve so many problems with the economy, with, with racial issues, with social issues if we can come back to the art of friendship where we really value each other and hang out together

Heather: [00:22:50] I'll tell you what I'm hearing in my ear, but you and your husband. So I feel like you need to do a book and you need to do audio books for children.

So that's what I was hearing [00:23:00] is it's two of you, because I mean, when I first saw your, both your pictures, I was like, oh, these two are so cute. And you have this look that sort of says that to children is a good area for the both of you. Cause that's where it starts. The younger generations learning about friendships and how you treat people because big people it's good, but they're harder to train they're there.

They're sort of in the middle of their lives, you know what I'm saying? And it's different, but children is what I'm hearing for both for you guys as a team, if you were doing a team children's books, narration books, like doing kids' books and doing audio book.

Fawn: [00:23:32] That's so funny, Heather, because I'm putting together I'm.

So years ago I tried to publish my book, the photography book, which is the global family photo album. And just recently I'm like, okay, I'll, uh, since we have all the podcast gear and all the audio stuff, I'm going to turn it into an audio book as well. Um, is that, is that viable? The photography? I

Heather: [00:23:58] think, I think it's not the photography.

[00:24:00] It's that like children teaching through storytelling about friendship. So kids books like kids, you would read to kids like kids would read these books

Fawn: [00:24:12] that way. Explain why I have purchased so many, you know, those books, those cute books for toddlers. I really bought them for myself when the kids were like that age.

And I have a whole library of them. I'm so inspired by them because I feel like those are deep messages in there for older people.

Heather: [00:24:31] And that's, if you're wanting to make a movement, like I said, I don't know about big people so much in that area, but younger generations, like my son, you know, and your kids, um, really younger than that need to know what friendship truly is because in this world we live in, it's kind of dog eat dog.

It's not even, like you said, you know, the COVID sort of brought it back, but I think in your line of work, it would be amazing to do audio books and actual books, hard cover [00:25:00] books, um, and, and do it. Like I hear the word books all the way. Thank you.

Fawn: [00:25:06] Okay. Thanks. Thank you everyone out there for listening and being patient.

Sorry to be like, so self indulgence, Matt, can you talk?

Heather: [00:25:16] That's like, I'm not saying,

Matt: [00:25:19] well, just bear in mind. You know, I come at everything from a very scientific bent, so yeah,  it's a very careful, delicate place. It's like, yeah, I always used to, I was just telling my wife that, um, uh, I don't want to know my future.

I just put on clean underwear everyday life is

Fawn: [00:25:33] simple. Right? Tell them, tell them the whole quote that you would give me every time I would discuss our future or delving into other realms. What, what do you tell, come on,

Matt: [00:25:45] eat your rice. Oh, that's, that's not the same quote though. The, the quote is actually put on clean underwear everyday.

It's like the code of the samurai on some level is you don't know what's going to happen in the course of your day. So you just put on clean underwear and  give it your best. Boom. [00:26:00] Then there's the, yeah. The, then there's the quote, which is, life is simple. Eat your rice drink, your tea, wear your clothes.

That's it. That is all you have. Exactly. That's all you need to concentrate on, which is an interesting thing to think about because, you know, do you feel that the question certainly we asked were very societal based. Is that really where we should be focusing our attentions? Or should we be focusing them solely on ourselves?

Heather: [00:26:29] Well, because right. We can't take you're right. That's a good one. It's kind of too big for us to do, but adding your pieces to the pie, help like books like you guys, and, you know, Matt, you're really calming person. You're really soothing persons. I mean, you'd be really good. Um, showing people that aspect of it,  because sometimes that's the way to go because you get less than what it, you know, they say ignorance is bliss.

Not that it's ignorant, but it's simple. Simplifying your life is what most people have a problem is your take on the world's problems. It [00:27:00] let's help you run for president of the United States. You run for Congress or whatever those jobs. But as people we can, we work in, uh, you know what we do, and it it's kind of like telephone.

It passes along to the next person, next person. And so do your part, of what you  want to do. You don't have to, because by doing your part, it does  change the world. We can't control how big it gets. Right. The wave gets. So what you're going to do, you know, Zuckerberg, he started in his dorm room and look what happened.

 He didn't know that. He just wanted, like, Hey, I'm mad at thisthis girl who's  turning me down. I'm going to get her back. And it turned into a bigger movement for him. There's a funny line. And I love, this is my favorite lines in all the movies and social network. He runs into  the girlfriend and they're at the mess hall in the college at Harvard.

And she's like Oh, Mark. And he tries to talk to her and she's like, no, yeah, mark getaway. And then he goes, okay. And he walks away and she goes, oh, Mark. And he goes, yes. She goes, good luck with your [00:28:00] little video game. When I thought that was like, like I got chills when I heard that. So ma. You what? You don't know what people are brewing in their little basement and how big it can be.

So none of us know that, but if we work away at something that we're really passionate about, it could turn into that. Right? So I don't think you have to focus so much on, you know, digging that the universe says don't, you don't have to dig the forest, cut the forest for the trees, just like do a little bit of work and we'll do the rest for you.

If it's meant to be for you, they will, you'll start having people come. You're handing your money for the books. You know what I'm saying? That's how you know, it's for you. You're only, you're not trying to hold things. The universe says, well, we'll say we're going to go take a Starbucks break while you do it all.

And they're like, then people tell me. Um, nothing's is happening in my life. And so I'll get the hell out of the way. It's like you're blocking traffic and you're wondering why aren't we moving there? Like, cause you're in the middle of the cone, like get out and they'll move the, the guy who's supposed to move, the cone will move it.

[00:29:00] You're in the way,

Matt: [00:29:02] which yet that's very, very interesting. But by the same token, you know, circling back to an earlier topic, you know, I think that there are moments in time though, where you need to join the multitudes and stand up and say something.

Heather: [00:29:15] Yes, yes you are. No, you are you. Yeah, I agree. But then you've got to know what movement you're taking on.

Are you stepping? Right. You're shaking out. Then take that movement. That would have to be it. So you're, you're not like doing so, okay. That's been a match. So doing small things, isn't the thing that, so if you want to take on the world, then take on the world. It's not about it says like, just do it. If that's what you're going to do, you know?

Um, Really it's you're right. You know, it's like, if you look at Donald Trump in his own mind and his own way, he wanted to do that. So he ran for president. Right. And so, you know what I'm saying? That's making a big statement there. He did, he could have changed the world. Another, he could have chose other avenues, [00:30:00] but it didn't need to do that on.

That's a big thing to take on. So you, so the same thing with you you're right. But you have to step into that big space and the other people were doing that. Not everyone can be big.

Matt: [00:30:14] Right, right. But I can lend my voice to those who would be big, like black lives matter

Heather: [00:30:19] or exactly. No, it's not doing it, but it's yeah.

It's because it's because it's , I don't want to think there's an answer to that. It's just do it. If you, if you want to align your life to black lives matter the lender voice. So they're like, don't sit and think about it. Just do it and let the rest happen. You don't need permission to start something.

You know what I mean? You just do it. They're saying just you do it right. Go for it. Yeah. There's no path. It's just go. Your parents shove you to what member that walking or the bike. Whew. They're just, you're like, whoa. And I said, that's really the answer sorta said, jump out of the airplane already.

They're like, you don't have to worry about how just [00:31:00] yeah, no, no, no.

Matt: [00:31:01] That's that's so that's so amusing. Whoa. Somebody just moved all around on us. Um, sorry. That was a video issue that you guys don't see. Um, no, it's very, very interesting. Cause I remember learning how to ride a bike and how terrifying that was as far as like just run along and then all of a sudden you're you're biking.

And yet when we taught our kids how to, how to ride their bikes, we started by taking off the pedals. And they would just scoot around. So they got comfortable actually physically being on the bike. They felt the balance. And so the, and they understood how to balance and they understood how to catch themselves.

And they got very comfortable with that. And we spent an interesting amount of time doing that, that when we finally put the pedals on it, wasn't a completely foreign device now.  It was the familiar device with one new aspect, which was just peddling. They knew how to flow with that.

But like, and then the other thing I made sure that they knew before they, before we did anything else was like how to be comfortable. Like, okay, your feet. Yes, they're on the pedals, but they don't have to be. So the instant you feel yourself [00:32:00] falling, you can write yourself. So it was really taking a look at, uh, riding a bike in a new way.

Heather: [00:32:07] No, it's good. But this is how you are as a person. I think. So you're more saying you're more in this way. So this is great because there's a group of people like you who you can speak to because not everyone hears us, but you might address that group of people.

Matt: [00:32:22] Right. Yeah, no, no, no, absolutely. I that's funny.

That's my little sound bite. Yeah, no, no, no, absolutely Lord. Anyway, sorry. I digress. Um, but uh, uh, yeah, I overanalyze everything and I don't think that's a bad thing because that's one of the ways that's one of the ways I'm like different as it were, Matt

Fawn: [00:32:42] is also a seer. Like he'll see way into the future and  see all the steps that people miss.

And then I love it. He, he puts it all together and like, say, you know, he'll tell people, okay, we need to think about this and this and this. And they're like, you're crazy. No, we're talking about this. [00:33:00] And then by the time they're ready. They're like, oh, I don't know if they even admit Matt. Right. They never admit it.

So this is what happens at work.

Heather: [00:33:08] You're, you're more like a teacher, to me. You're like a teacher. He is,

Matt: [00:33:13] you just need to be present. You need to, uh, be aware of what is being offered. And

Heather: [00:33:20] do things that other people can't, which is great. So people need people like you, you know what I

Matt: [00:33:26] mean, giving them guidance, please get that.

But unfortunately, or fortunately, it's usually a one-on-one interaction and it's usually very quiet.

Heather: [00:33:36] No, you can do it. You know, it's even like someone like, like a Steve jobs, I think he was like, you, he was very obviously, you know, meticulous person. And he had to address all the people that he was working with to be that way.

Cause people, he drove people crazy. Yeah. But look at what happened. Because he knew he was like, no, no, no, no, no, no. This Michael Jackson, same way Michael Jackson is meticulous as you can get [00:34:00] and look at him. I mean, geez, he produced some major results. So there there's an audience for that. Those are big leaders, those aren't small people in the world.

Those are big peoples. And you can be though, because that's really what you do is super hard. Most people can't be that way. So I don't think it's, I think you actually could be a big leader, to be honest. Cause that's what a teacher is. As a leader,

Fawn: [00:34:22] I've always said that to Matt, but he doesn't want to be in the leadership role

Heather: [00:34:27] and don't then, then you'd be behind helping.

So you're saying you want to help, help people then find a modality that does that where you're sort of behind the scenes, but moving look, look at a director of a movie. We don't ever see them, but the result is the  is the movie, you're like, oh wow, that was great. And the director is the guy behind,  the conductor, all those people.

But they're so significant in getting things the way they need to be or the other also wouldn't people wouldn't be able to survive. So there is a big movement for that.

Fawn: [00:34:59] Why am I [00:35:00] sensing hesitancy from you, Matt? Because

Matt: [00:35:02] that's not something I've ever wanted. Well, okay. I like, I like to talk, I like to code,

Heather: [00:35:08] I understand that, but you could still do it in a way it's like, even, yeah, because somebody has to do that job, but I guess, I guess I'm wondering if you're looking for it to become bigger than it is.

Matt: [00:35:22] See, I'm not, I'm not here to be read. I'm here to be, oh,

Fawn: [00:35:26] I, I would like to be read shoot.

Heather: [00:35:30] Okay. Okay. Well, you're on the right path for yourself. I think whatever you do is going to work out because of your cadence and the way you do things. So, Matt. Yeah.

Fawn: [00:35:40] Yeah. Thank you, Heather. Should I give up photography?

Matt: [00:35:45] I


Heather: [00:35:47] no, I don't think, I think photography needs to be a part of what you're doing. Not the whole thing. Right? The photography is taking the even do you draw or no? No. You don't draw [00:36:00] it. So you're drawing. So your, so your books are happy. You have to be your photography in them, but the story around the photography.

Fawn: [00:36:07] Okay. So I am on the right track. It's not like

Heather: [00:36:09] on the right path. Yes. You're on the right path. But the photography part, isn't enough to tell the story it's part of yours, part of your,  telling the story.

Matt: [00:36:21] But that's a, that's a tricky thing because I want to say that the simpler the message, the more universal it can be.

And when you start getting multi-faceted, multi-role multimedia, in some cases, then the message starts to get confused and muddied and open to interpretation.

Heather: [00:36:38] Well, what's the message though. I guess it's got to figure out what's the message.

Fawn: [00:36:42] The message has always been we're all one family

Heather: [00:36:44] that we're what I'm saying is the books can do that.

Yeah. You can put the illustrations in the well books or illustration, but again, there's, there's obviously children's books that we look up before my son goes to bed and they have real pictures in them. Do they? [00:37:00] Yeah. We've had a couple of those actually.

Matt: [00:37:03] Remember that book where the little girl goes

Fawn: [00:37:04] to France.

Yeah. Yeah. I like that.

Heather: [00:37:07] They have books like that, where you're teaching people, the art of friendship through your, in the photo. I don't mean. And, and that's what I meant. It all, it all, I didn't mean multi-site, you're doing multiple things. It's all one thing.

Fawn: [00:37:17] So I'm on the

Heather: [00:37:19] right. You're not like, yes, you're just not.

You got to incorporate, I think the storytelling into the photos.

Fawn: [00:37:26] I got it.

Heather: [00:37:27] Not, not that the photos tell the story.

Fawn: [00:37:30] No, I got it. It's so funny because that's always been the message. Like I took a writing course. I remember it, UCLA and the instructor was like, your writing is way better than your photography.

And then I would get offended. I'm like, what do mean?

Heather: [00:37:45] Because you're thinking you have to give up your photography. You're like, I want to, and that is where the path that's where you're asking that question. Is this the right path? The universe says, well, part of it's the right path, uh, the job that, you know, that's not the main path, but that's in addition to where you're [00:38:00] going.

I think that's the part you need to let go of because you have, that's why you're struggling.

Fawn: [00:38:03] Got it. Thank you. Thank you. It's a balancing act to figure out what the struggle is. You know what the plan is, what it is. Well, yeah, because

Heather: [00:38:12] we you're like photography and then they're saying, well, yeah, you're getting warmer.

You're getting warmer. Add the photography to your storytelling. Got it. Got the other way around

Matt: [00:38:23] circle back and be useful for our entire audience. So Heather, what's the plan? What should the plan be? Where should where's a good place for a person's Headspace to be right now?

Heather: [00:38:38] That's a big question depending on the person,  but I think it has to be about the self first.

So you start with yourself, everyone start with themselves.  It's not selfishness. So during the COVID right, it was like self care. That was a new invention word, bigger words. Okay. So, so it is about that because it all starts with us. We need to start with us first.

If you already [00:39:00] have that part, you skip to part II. So if you don't have that part where you like yourself and you think you're awesome, not like I don't mean arrogant, but you're, good with who you are. Start there. Everybody needs to start there. And that's what the reset button was for the COVID.

It was reset. Do you like what you're doing? Do you like your, your living room? Would you like all these things? And you're like, man, this, I don't like that.  So it's like you know, we were like organizing the self first is where people should start and then, once you're that, then, because you may change, your goals may change because what, you may have been doing a goal, like she, like you, it's photography or people are doing something that their parents want them.

And you're like, wait, I never wanted  to do that anyway. Then you can make your decisions about yourself, but you really got to start with you first. What are you comfortable in? And you're comfortable in this. So, you know, maybe people looked at their house or this house too big.

I don't even care. Are they going to go and get new cars? They're like, I don't even need a car I'll just drive my old car, what do  I care? And then the self gets bigger . And then you get the new car because you were okay with the old car. They're like, oh, we're gonna [00:40:00] give you more money and now I can have a new car.

You're like, oh, okay, well that was


Matt: [00:40:04] Yeah. It's funny you say that because one of the things I focus on, I call it my inner Popeye. Which means Papeye I  am what I am what he am right. I mean, life is simple. I mean, Popeye by never really questions you know, his priorities, his prerogatives, his, his love, his, you know what he's doing, he's doing, he's just doingand he yam what he yam

 I described that as my inner Popeye and I need to be comfortable with my inner Popeye. Cause Popeye's forearms were huge to the point of deformety But he  was okay with.

Heather: [00:40:35] Yeah.  My friend would say,  if you don't like reality,  don't pay attention to it.

So pay attention to  where you want to go, not where society  is directed. And you'll be a lot happier and everything will fall into place in that.  Here you  are like in the mall, those little red dots, just stand on that red dot and say I'm here.

It's where I am, OK!  Whatever  it would be, because once you're your authentic self, everything opens up [00:41:00] your whole life opens up. The path opens, everything does. But the universe says shed this shed that shed the thoughts, shed the, who we think you should be or these things. And really just being me still for a minute and start to just be like most of what makes me happy.

So I don't really care.

Matt: [00:41:17] So if I'm in this, if I'm in the self-aware state where I'm owning my inner Popeye, I'm okay with who I am, then what's next?

Heather: [00:41:26] And what's that so well, it'll show up in your environment . It starts coming to you instead of you chasing it, things start because you already know, because in the back of your mind, you're just not the Popeye.

You've got these big dreams, those dreams start to come in and you don't even, you'll be like, oh my God, I wanted that to happen. That's amazing. Now. Cause you're a match to who you really are. That's being authentic, match the match that you came here to be. So I say, it's not much to do. Technically it starts coming toward you because you haven't really changed what the real [00:42:00] goal that you really want.

That stuff starts opening up for you. I don't think it's as, deep as people may think it is.

Matt: [00:42:07] So would you describe the first step is the hardest and then the second step should be easy

Heather: [00:42:13] just, yeah. First up is the hardest. Cause it's like, you live in a, especially, you know, you're talking about LA, oh, forget it here.

You've got to really have a thick skin, not to be bothered by whatever these people fake everything.  People really don't know what's going on with them. And so it's like, whatever, who cares? It's everybody, everyone here is like sheep. They go with the masses. It's like so boring to me.

So I think you're right. That's. The hard part. It starts hard. Yes. Not caring.  Something you don't care what people think and you go shoot, you know what I'm saying? It's not, it's not me. I'm not talking about crazy stuff. I'm just talking about, you know, liking yourself at the core, you know, like don't brush your hair and don't do those

Matt: [00:42:55] things.

I would say, it's not that you,  are ignoring what people are [00:43:00] saying. It's just somebody external to myself can not dramatically affect who I am.

Heather: [00:43:08] Correct. You're correct. And you know what I think it is is that no it's block. It's also like, so again, I'll use a really example because I was old when I had my son, but I think that if I listened to half the people, I wouldn't, he wouldn't be here at the end.

I mean, like those things it's like, so you keep your dreams, this close, very close. Like you don't, your cards are like, yeah. Okay. You know, close to your vest. Yeah. You, you must. It's really? It's your purpose, not theirs. So you're like, yeah. Okay. Thanks for that. Thanks for the opinion. Thanks for the comment.

Yep. Thanks for sharing. Okay that's what I need. And you just keep plugging away where you're in your basement, like creating a masterpiece, but no, one's seeing it. Oh, you are already. That's where I think it really starts where it, where it goes. So even if someone says something to you, like, oh, you're still [00:44:00] living there....

There's still this still that you're like, yeah, yeah.

Matt: [00:44:03] Yeah. I thought it was funny.  Not that there in any way  in my sphere, although I do appreciate their music, Lincoln park, they were a bunch of kids. They graduated, they all went to high school together and like Agura Hills and  they graduated from high school and they all lived at their parents' house for years while, they honed their craft while they can do it. And boom, and stuff  has happened since then, obviously, but  they became, multi multi-platinum, artists. So my next question is, so I liken,  moving past that, uh, Popeye phase and figuring out what you're going to do as like being on the ocean and you've got your boogie board or your surfboard and the waves are coming and it's like, how do you know which wave to catch?

How do you perceive, which is the right wave to catch because maybe I have an option to turn left or turn right at this intersection. How do you determine, particularly because you are a seer, how do you determine what [00:45:00] is the right path to take? Cause you know, I could work for Disney or I could work for Facebook for instance, mentioning two companies we have and each one will set you up on a completely different path for the whole rest of your life.

Heather: [00:45:13] Well, I think it's more about, so what are you in line with? More, what you have to, well, you guys have done separate, what is it? What is your thought? What is the higher self and the lower self telling you just figured that's the right.

So that's how you have to figure out like, cause you know the answer, everybody knows the answer, but which direction is that answer coming from? So it's not really which path it's, where is this coming from? Why do I want this? And why do I want that? That's how I say. So find out what the payoff is on each one and you'll get your answers, which is the right path.

Matt: [00:45:48] But you don't necessarily know,  particularly with, let's say a job opportunity. That's something I can speak to. I've had a number of jobs in my life and some of them have gone very well and some have not.  But ultimately speaking [00:46:00] you can't know what's going to happen when you choose this over that.

Heather: [00:46:06] Well, you don't know, but do you have an intuition of, I think everybody did it, so it's like, you go, like you're out of stoplight, you're like, right. But, and then your subconscious tells you which way to go. And then you go the other way. You're like,  I knew it. I knew that it should have gone that way.

I already knew that. So I think you do know if you're quiet enough to listen, you know, it's sometimes you're on a deadline, you're right, to pick a job or what have you. But I still say it's,   really  it's hard, but you gotta really go with  what your higher self says, you know, I

Fawn: [00:46:39] had a lower self.

I had a friend who out of the blue, we were at work one day out in the field though. Um, and out of the blue she's like, Fawn,  do you know the difference between what is good and bad, like when you're talking like decisions. Right? Right. Well, she was, she was very spiritual. And she was like, [00:47:00] do you know when a message is coming from God?

Like she was spiritual like that. Okay. But we can use not the God word. We can use anything else. Do you know when something is better for you? I'm like, okay. What, how, how do you know? She's like, you, you feel uplifted. Like you look at the two choices and whatever. Yeah. You just feel like you, and that's the right

Heather: [00:47:23] way.

And we, and sometimes there's like, if you look at the wizard of Oz, I always give people that example is that,  she went the wrong way. She did, she met the monkeys and the wicked witch, those things turned around. She knew it wasn't the right way. So there's no wrong way. It all leads to the path that you take a detour.

So there's no right or wrong answer because the universe knew you were going to make the right choice and the wrong time, the wrong choice, the right time, they already knew they set up the other path. So you'd go back to the path to the monkeys, flying monkeys on your path, wrong path, Glenda, the good witch.

Good, path.

Matt: [00:47:55] So the universe knows is what you're saying. So do not believe

Heather: [00:47:59] it. They [00:48:00] know exactly. You can't make a mistake.

Matt: [00:48:02] Where do you stand on free will do we have it? Do we not have it?

Heather: [00:48:05] FreeWheel is a hard one. I believe we have free will because I was telling your wife, this is that. I think God loves us so much.

He says, I'm gonna give you free will. I'm not really fond of free will, but you can have it because it brought you here and you have a right to say no to the plan that I have. That's free will, but free will. So everybody has free will all the time. It's like I was telling you to watch that movie, the adjustment bureau and the adjustment bureau, they say differently.

They said, we give you free will like picking your toothpaste or your socks out the rest, which with what I'm saying, it's technically, you don't have free will, but you have it. And then you take the freewill and then,  usually it leads to the wrong path

Fawn: [00:48:49] free will. Why don't we have Y Y don't

Heather: [00:48:53] technically we don't have free will, but it's a trick.

Why don't we do that? Here

Matt: [00:48:58] we go. Here we go. We get meta on it [00:49:00] then. And, and do we say that we have the perception of free will. So we believe we can choose to turn left or turn. Right. But there really we're really always going to

Heather: [00:49:09] turn, right. Oh, that'd be good. If you're one of those people, my boyfriend is that person he's like, I'm waiting for the answer too bad if I don't hear it.

Oh, well like, well, okay. I can take a lifetime. He's like, well, I'll just repeat it. There are people like that who does their will is so strong. There w you know, and God remember that saying, God says, I sent you an airplane, a boat. The guy says I was drowning and he got up to heaven and he's dead. And he says, where, were are you guys waiting for guides?

He, I sent you the boat, the helicopter and the plane, you idiot!

Matt: [00:49:40] He didn't, he didn't pick any of that by the way, the adjustment bureau. Interesting movie, based on a Phillip K Dick, my favorite sci-fi author. And currently actually I believe the TV series Loki is playing with these similar ideas. Oh, really?

Heather: [00:49:54] I love it.

I love the adjustment Vero. Yeah. That's funny. Good for you for knowing most people are like , like the, what? [00:50:00] That's, you know, that's the adjustment Bureau's theory, right?

Matt: [00:50:03] Right. Is that we really, we really there's the there's a massive force out there, setting stuff up and things, things have to happen.

Heather: [00:50:11] Right?

You steer you. Yes. They move you, but you don't have to go. Even if a Boulder falls, they do, they try to get you to go. And if you don't listen, you don't listen. They say, okay, we told you, they hit you on the head 40 times to tell you this, the wrong thing. You know, and then you're like, well, I'll do it one more time.

You know, roll the dice. They're like, oh, okay. That's freewill. You know, you've lost at the getting table. And you're like, oh, one more time. They're like, oh boy. And then, you know, the lights are turning off. The water sprinklers are going off and here's the one at the table still playing. They're like, get out.

We're not listening. So they give us every sign, but freewill says, I'm going to keep going in the way I'm going to do it. And they say, okay, good. And then that's when they go to Starbucks. I'd say we're going to go get it a latte and we'll  see you on the other side. [00:51:00] Call us.

Fawn: [00:51:01] Oh my God. So are we just puppets?

What is happening?

Heather: [00:51:06] It's because  we're being guided all the time. I don't think  we're puppets out. We're  we know you want to look at it like that, . It's like you, as a parent, they're like, come on, you can do it. You can do it, but we can't see them like, come on and keep coming from and say, keep coming this way, keep coming this way.

But we're like, maybe I should turn back. They're like, no, don't turn back. Just keep going. I promise to be over in five minutes. You're like, really? Cause it looks kind of scary. They're like, no, no, it's not scary. And then once you get there, you're like, ah, and then each time we do it over and over again, we go, oh, I made it through this one.

I'll make it again.  Like people who people always like get bankrupt and they go back again. Cause they already know, oh, I already made it once before. So what. That's when the universe says good for you? Yes. That's what we're looking for. We just, because they're not saying don't trip up, but they know it's temporary.

The trip up is temporary. Some people think it's eternal. They're like, oh, I'm doomed forever. They're like, oh,

Fawn: [00:51:55] oh my God. I just read that. I just read that the difference between an optimistic [00:52:00] person and a pessimistic person, the optimist knows that it won't last forever. So if there's pain, they know it's not going to last forever.

Heather: [00:52:09] Yeah. And then it goes quicker because they're not there during a match to that. They're like, oh, this will end soon just to get 5, 4, 3, 2, and we would get moving forward. And the other person's like, no, we're doomed and it gets worse and worse. And so I think that's, it's hard. It's no one said it was easy, but there's very few people that are, that are that balanced.


Fawn: [00:52:32] Okay. So my next question is this is okay. It seems like I'm so pessimistic, but because my questions are so dark. But well it, okay. What, what do you think the future of the United States is? And is Trump coming back or his people coming back? Like, what is, are we going to have civil war? What is happening?

Heather: [00:52:55] Well, I mean, I think, I think, I think first part of the part is Trump will come back as [00:53:00] Trump. I didn't say, be present right now, but I'm saying he'll come back. Yes, he will be back because he'll be back He's back already. He never left. He never leaves. Technically he's like here the whole time.  Cause he keeps his foot, you know, he's always like, he's like photo bombing all the time.

He's like, he's like, he's never leaves. So he's always in, stays in the photo that, you know, they say, if you want someone to know where you're always staying in sight, sight lines, so going to stay in our sight line.  But you know, he, um, I think, until we get it, people like him show up to teach us stuff.

So. He sort of mirrors where we're at or a mirror sort of where we're at. So, so we're at the same place. He'll come back. If not, he won't. Um, you know what I mean? So, but he, but the universe sort of likes him, because he says a weird message sort of to send that people just don't get it. So they're like, should we bring them back?

Do we need to bring [00:54:00] him back again? What's the

Fawn: [00:54:01] message. What, what is, what, what is his message? Well, he,

Heather: [00:54:07] um, well, first of all, he like all presidents. I think they're all used by the universe to some extent, to get some message across. So in therefore they're sort of protected because of that. So he sort of, uh, There's so many things about him asking a certain question.

I going answer what is messy as a kid is a lot of different things he's supposed to teach us to a couple of things about him is he's a massive manifestor. What do you think? It's the manifest the right way, the wrong way. But what he sort of does is he sort of like, it's like Mr. Magoo, he just walks through things.

Any doesn't. That's why the very little happens, damn bigger. Things could have happened, but they really don't. If you look at it, you know what I mean? Yeah. Escapes every, like that's Mr. Magoo. Remember Mr. Magoo. Like he just like, nothing will happen to Donald. Trump will happen to everyone around him. [00:55:00] So it's sort of like, or like they're saying don't pay attention so much to the thing don't if you don't like it don't pay attention to it.

And he represents too like, sort of manifesting. You've got to you, you have to remember we're all put here. He has a, whether you like him or hate him, he sort of goes after his dreams and that's the universe says, well, good for you. So we can't say you can't be president. And he's like, well, why not? My academy that was told to me, that's what I hear.

So he sort of shows us this part that we, we don't. So we go, everyone's like, we need to go back, go back to the normal tradition of government. And everyone's like, well, he's like, well, why, how is that working?

Fawn: [00:55:42] Right. I mean, there's a reason we got into this mess is because things weren't working, it

Heather: [00:55:47] was, but then to calm the nerves of the masses, you get Joe Biden.

He's like, Hey, look, Hey, everybody calm. Whether or not, who knows, I'm not on either side. I just see it on another, you know, I'm not for you or for [00:56:00] you, but, but I get it. And so it's like, oh, the universe says, okay, well, we'll just bring him in. And we'll just continue to blind ourselves. Donald Trump's sort of is like the four year old, you know, who tells all the secrets he's sorta like, guys stop.

They're like, you know, right. Quiet down. Don't cause he's. In ways. It's not that he's not smart enough, but he'll just says stuff sort of just says things. So it's like, there's an innocence about it because he doesn't see it to be, he's like, why, well, why not say it? And we have an etiquette, which, which is good.

And I think, you know, in some ways like people don't like him as being the president of United States, everyone expects an etiquette. Right. You know, you're leading the world. Right. You got to have your P's and Q's, he doesn't have that. He doesn't know how to come to the party and like be the amazing host, but he's got some of the pieces of the puzzle that we need to sort of learn from.

So I think that that's why he's sort of

Fawn: [00:56:57] there Heather, as a parent, as a [00:57:00] mother, how do you feel like we can protect our children and have the life we envisioned. A utopia for our families, despite whatever happens on, on the outside with politics and everything. Like how do you feel as a mom,

Heather: [00:57:18] right? Yeah, because in each home it's individual rides.

Right. So it's not, we're not really, that's why it's needed, I'm maybe unpatriotic, but like independence day, I'm like, I don't really connect so much with the United. I'm like, oh, I was born here. I'm not in government. I don't connect so much with it. And that might be a problem. But I think in the truth is we all run our own lives.

So yeah. There's hope in your sector of you raising your children because you're doing it in your own home. You know what I mean? So if you're parenting a certain way yeah. Your kid's got a fighting shot, so it's not because we can't, it's not the man. I get it. There's masses out there. But you, as a view to, as parents are good parents, so your kids have a shot.

[00:58:00] And making a difference because you're a good parents are teaching them what you teach them. I don't think it's as global. I think the little pieces, again, not fit on the board. You got enough parents doing the right thing. Yes. This generation can rise above it. That's what we're teaching in our own homes more than, you know.

Are you hopeful?

Fawn: [00:58:20] Are you hopeful of the future? Do you feel like we can make things better as a whole?

Heather: [00:58:26] I think so. I think a year is trying to get it. It's trying to like wrinkle out the sheets, you know, like you have people saying that the world's ending, I'm like the world doesn't want to end. It just wants to reinvent itself.

Fawn: [00:58:35] That's how I found at the beginning of the pandemic. I always had that. Yeah. I don't

Heather: [00:58:38] think it's any religious thing. You know, people are like good standing in the world. Like, well, not really, maybe an end of an era, but I don't think it's the end of the world. It,

Fawn: [00:58:47] it, it was, it was the end of  a time period.

Heather: [00:58:50] We need to get rid of a lot of crap. We just like the way we represented the past five to 10 years, boy, it scared me to have a kid [00:59:00] because what the pandemic sort of did, which is cool. It like it brought back teachers, doctors, like jobs that are really valuable that have gotten lost with like YouTube and like, no, you want to be an actor and you're meant to be an actor.

Great. Go for it. But not, it's not for everybody. You don't need to showcase your face and be in media unless it's really your calling it's for you. I think that became crazy. So I had the Kardashians series ended in the pandemic because it's like, no, this is not how we operate because every person, a geek, a crazy they're all valuable.

And that's, what's so cool about it. What we should have gotten from all this is that the kids need to know, Hey, you know, I'm a, I may be a geek, but I'm, I'm valuable. So what you know, so I think that then that case, the pandemic. I love doctors. I love Laura. I love people that are highly educated and have this really amazing thing to offer like that somebody needs to deliver the mail and do these things.

We make it so bad. It's like, why and [01:00:00] why is that bad? Right. Like the world we live in, you know what I'm saying? Very weird. People are like, who cares,

Fawn: [01:00:09] Matt? What do you, do you want to ask anything? No, you don't even say no. You're just shaking your head. We're on a podcast. So as we reach our hour, I hate that.

I'm like put on the spot, man. Like we talk, we talk and then you get quiet on the podcast. Um, Heather, I don't know. It's it's so weird. Asking questions is really hard for me. That's why we don't have an interview kind of based podcast. We just have a conversation in our kitchen as friends. I always feel like I'm invading space if I'm asking questions.

So it's hard for me. It's hard for me to ask questions, but can I ask you like what good questions  for our [01:01:00] listeners? Like  what would you like us to know? Is there anything, if there is, is there anything you want us to know or, you know, the audience to know or people to know like a message that you feel we should be getting?

Heather: [01:01:14] I think I'm saying, I think people need to be, or should we strive to be your authentic self, right? The only way you're going to be happy in life. No, it's just really be accepting who you are and embrace that.

Fawn: [01:01:26] Awesome. I mean, so basically everything we've been saying the whole podcast. Yeah. Yeah. And it

Heather: [01:01:31] sounds hokey, but it's really, I know. Yeah, yeah, exactly. It's kind of the way I do feel in general,  we spend so much time on things that it's like, okay, anyway, let's move forward. You know, and you're right.

It all starts in the home while we raise our children.  We're a big examples live by example. And nothing's that important that it can't be  put down for a second, you know? Cause life goes fast. It goes super fast. It doesn't mean you have kids.

Fawn: [01:01:59] It does. [01:02:00] Oh my God. Yeah. And kids,

Heather: [01:02:01] that's a whole nother podcast.

Cause when you look at you, I mean, having kids is like, I think it's like, wow. The topic of stuff. I never think I used to think about like mortality. Like when I was by myself, I didn't think about it. I

Fawn: [01:02:13] was so brave. I was so brave before I became a mom.

Heather: [01:02:18] Well, you're more cautious and such, but it is a gift.

So it's like, we're sort of teaching new, you're teaching the future and you have an opportunity to  correct what your parents did to you in weird ways. Right? We all have a chance to like break the break. The what is it? The generational curse and be like, oh, You know, cause we do it all. I do it, you know, I become my mom like, oh God, wait, wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute, stop, stop.

Stop is, that's not how it is. Not really what's happening. I made a

Fawn: [01:02:43] pact, Matt and I are staring at each other. We made a pact. Like if you see me acting or saying something like that, stop me in my tracks. Like help me,

Heather: [01:02:53] like the commercial, have you ever seen that commercial? It's so funny. It's like a Geico or the guy's like put down that you don't need the waiter [01:03:00] doesn't need to know your game or, you know, it's like, what am I paying for commercials at?

Right? Yeah. We

Fawn: [01:03:09] were like, honey. I mean, it's

Heather: [01:03:11] normal because it's been in our, you know, we watch Nat and how long we watched our parents would go. How long did you live at home? As a years of following people around, it's like before there were followers, we were following our parents, you know, on Instagram, we're following, we're following our we're like, we're really following you or I'm your followers sort of.

Right. So we were like, influencers are we are the influencers

Fawn: [01:03:32] Matt, do you have a pretty little bow for the episode? Okay.

Matt: [01:03:36] We're back, we're back to our inner Popeye. We're back to,  if you want a step-by-step plan, as far as where you should be part of the plan, be comfortable with you, just comfortable with the fact that you're 10 feet tall or two feet tall, be comfortable with, you know, your, your knees or your elbows or your whatever.

Heather: [01:03:58] Yes. Because other people will start [01:04:00] becoming comfortable with you. They're only unconquerable because. So you're pointing out the obvious to people and they didn't notice it to begin with. Okay, cool.

Matt: [01:04:08] And then life will start presenting and just remember to stay out of the way, let it present.

Heather: [01:04:16] Yeah. Let's get out of the jumping.


Matt: [01:04:18] out of it out of your own. Gosh, darn

Fawn: [01:04:20] way. Heather, Matt is very good at this. I freak out.

Matt: [01:04:27] It's intense. It can be very, very scary. There were moments in my life where it was like ostensibly, what I was doing was not something I probably should be doing. Things like that. What led you to here? What led you to here? There's a couple of very unique moments. Number one is, um, yeah, I applied to exactly one university out of high school.

What the hell was I thinking? But I got in, but what the hell was I thinking?

Heather: [01:04:53] Maybe you just went to the right place faster than others, you know? Yeah, maybe look at [01:05:00] Zuckerberg like that. It was like, like he went from a to Z in like five minutes. He didn't go through a lot of the, he went through his own things to get like a business started, but pretty much stayed with the same concept.

That's pretty hard to do.

Fawn: [01:05:14] And back to the nugget, I got comfortable with Santa Monica and, and got comfortable with, okay, well, what, I don't know what you want with me, but okay. I give up in a way, you know, and it led me to you. It led me to the whole friendship movement, and then it led me to you.

Heather: [01:05:32] It's just like, if you're on a ride at Disneyland, you know, how you, how we get in that, we like we get in this crazy contraption and we're like going, chug, chug, chug up.

We're on the ride. And we're like, oh, wow, what's next? And it just leads us to the exit. Really? Oh, that wasn't so bad. Okay. You know, so it's kind of the same sort of thing. Like you said, it led you to Matt. If we just like, we, my friend would say, don't get up from the table. You placed your order. Don't get up from the tables.

Waitress [01:06:00] is going to bring your food eventually, but you may be a little delayed. She's got other people to serve. So time doesn't mean that


Fawn: [01:06:07] So the art of the plan is to relax. Right. And let's see. So before we go, I want all you friends out there to know that everything, if you and I do recommend getting ahold of Heather, everything is in the show notes, all the links.

But while we're just talking, would you like to tell our friends how they can get ahold of.

Heather: [01:06:33] Yeah. Um, I I'm in the process actually constructing my website because I have my foundation. It's just, uh, the black and sully foundation and it's an animal, uh, does raise money for animals that are in need. And,  so I'm putting that together, but until then,  you can go on Instagram at the advisor.

I'm the advisor, a D V I Z E R. And I'm on Tik TOK. So you can just like direct message me or [01:07:00] something if you wanted to reading until I get that. Cause things merging.

Fawn: [01:07:04] Those will be right in the show notes, everyone.  Thank you for talking to us, Heather. I had, I totally took me out of my funk. I was in a funk before

Heather: [01:07:14] we started.

You're better now. You sounded a lot better. Thank

Fawn: [01:07:17] you. I feel better. How are you, Matt? I'm good. Okay.

Heather: [01:07:23] I was better before I, no,

Matt: [01:07:25] no, I'm good. I was good before. I'm good. Cool. Well,

Fawn: [01:07:30] thank you everyone. We'll talk to you in a few days. All right. Take care everyone. Bye.