Oct. 3, 2022

The FedEx Delivery

The FedEx Delivery

Case of the missing couch, FedEx, and the opportunity to meet friends; the opportunity to make friends in almost every situation, even situations where it seems like, things are awry. Proof that friendship exists everywhere.

Case of the missing couch, FedEx, and the opportunity to meet friends; the opportunity to make friends in almost every situation, even situations where it seems like, things are awry. Proof that friendship exists everywhere.





[00:00:00] Fawn: Welcome back everybody.

[00:00:01] Matt: Hello,

[00:00:02] Fawn: this is Fawn and Matt. Case of the missing couch and FedEx and the opportunity to meet friends, the opportunity to make friends in almost every situation, even situations where it seems like, things are awry. You all know we moved and we have had so many deliveries.

We had no furniture, we bought furniture and a lot of it was being delivered through FedEx and one very heavy package was lost out in the world. No idea where; nobody knew where it was. Lots of calls to the company we bought it from , lots of calls to FedEx.

Nobody knew. Ultimately it was this FedEx delivery that landed us to this new friendship, friendship that we're telling you about. So what happened was the couch was missing. It was declared, lost. FedEx said, oh, it was delivered to the wrong address . But we don't know where it is now.

I'm like, well, what, what address was it delivered to?

[00:01:11] Matt: Right. Nice and simple.

[00:01:12] Fawn: They wouldn't tell me anyway, one morning I go to bed at 4:30 in the morning because I was unpacking and doing whatever work that needs to be done in this house. And I went to bed at 4:30 and around seven o'clock, seven 30.

Was it seven o'clock Matt?

[00:01:31] Matt: It was around 7.

[00:01:33] Fawn: There's a knock at the door.

[00:01:34] Matt: Boom, boom, boom.

[00:01:34] Fawn: The kids are running upstairs. They're like, there's someone at the door. This man in yellow is at the door. He wants something. And I was thinking, oh my God, another salesperson, like, because

[00:01:45] Matt: we found our fair share of those


[00:01:47] Fawn: Yeah. As soon as you move, lots of people come over and they, they want you to use their services. So I wasn't very friendly. I was like, who is it?

[00:01:56] Matt: What do you want?

[00:01:57] Fawn: I was kind of leaning out as much as I could from the window and I wasn't dressed. So it was like super early for me, because I had only gone to bed at four 30 and it was like seven.

Oops. So it was this man. Did he introduce himself as Al to you? He did. That's why he's

[00:02:14] Matt: Al to


[00:02:15] Fawn: he's Al to you and everybody's like, oh, you mean Alan? He never goes by Al I'm. Like, he told us Al

[00:02:21] Matt: you know what? Anyway, it was early. So who knows?

[00:02:23] Fawn: We digress. Anyway. He's like, I have had your package at my house, and this is where I live.

We're like, whoa, we don't even know where that is. Like, we have no idea

[00:02:33] Matt: where, well I heard I live at and (nondiscript sound) (non discript)

then a word .

[00:02:37] Fawn: And so you went down to get his address. So I'm like, okay, cool. We'll deal with it. And in the next 30 minutes, so I thought I could go and just close my eyes for another 30, you know, when you're so tired, Your eyes are burning.

I was like that. I was just like, let me just close my eyes for 30 minutes, a few minutes later. Boom, boom, boom. The kids were running upstairs. There's someone out the door, it's a woman this time and I'm like, okay. And I go to the same window from upstairs and I can't see them. I'm like, who is it? And this woman comes up and she means business.

She's like, I have a package of yours. Come get it. I'm at this address. I'm like, I don't know where that is. We just moved here. We have no idea the street names, like, I don't know, and I need to grab a pencil. Can you just give me 30 seconds? And I'll be right down in 30 seconds. So within 15, 20 seconds, I got something on me and I was running down the stairs.

I opened the front door and there's no one there.

Whshoo (Matt makes a


[00:03:35] Fawn: running sound).

I thought I was hallucinating. . I'm like, did I make this up? Did, did this really happen? I'm like Matt, she disappeared. You saw her, right? You heard her? You're like, yeah. I'm like, she's not here. I don't know what to do. So that now that's two packages.

Two separate houses came to us today saying they have our package

[00:03:58] Matt: and we were missing two things

[00:03:59] Fawn: and we were missing two things from FedEx. As I'm standing there, I was about to start crying cause I was just exhausted and overwhelmed. All of a sudden, this van pulls up and out outcomes, this woman and a man that was with her that looked like a superhero right.

Muscles like the size of bowling balls. on his arms, right? Yes. And so he's like lift, I, I didn't like time was warped because all of a sudden I blink and then you're carrying this thing with this man. Well,

[00:04:33] Matt: I wasn't just gonna let him do it. Come


[00:04:35] Fawn: Well, I mean, I'm saying I blinked and then boom, there you. at the van and walking backwards with this heavy

[00:04:42] Matt: right

[00:04:42] Fawn: package.

And this woman who was guiding you guys, and then she saved you cuz you were headed fast into the pole, the light, the light, the lamp pole, whatever it's called. I don't know. It would've been bad. You were headed right for it. Right. She saved you. And at the same time, She was helping me. She's like, oh honey.

And she gave me a hug cuz she, she saw tears up like welling up in my eyes anyway. So that is how we met Bridget and Russ. They delivered this thing to our door right before work. And then. Took off. And then we had to figure out who were these people like and where do they live? And thank goodness, our neighbor next door knows everybody .

And so she told us, oh, I think they're at this address now they're like two and a half blocks away. Right. It's just, it gives you an idea of this community. Like that was amazing that they did that. Right. And so now we had to track the first man Allen and where he lived and it turns out he's cousins with the next door neighbor in some fashion.

Loosely termed, maybe cousin. I don't know. I don't, we don't know. We don't know. So anyway, that sparked a beautiful little "Meet Cute"

before, before all this happened, we bought 300. Thank you cards 300, probably over 300, actually. Maybe it's three 50. It doesn't matter. We bought a lot of thank you cards.

[00:06:17] Matt: Yes, we did.

[00:06:18] Fawn: And for a family member who did something really nice for us, we sent 40 thank yous for one particular thing.

[00:06:26] Matt: Yes.

[00:06:27] Fawn: It was really funny to have all 40 show up at their mailbox

[00:06:31] Matt: almost the same time.


[00:06:32] Fawn: Yeah. Minus one.

So this message is about looking at every opportunity as an opening for a "Meet-Cute", an opening for a friendship.

[00:06:46] Matt: Well, what,

what's a meet


[00:06:48] Fawn: A "Meet-Cute". We learned the term Meet-Cute from a movie we saw. In the old older movies meet cutes were where the lead characters in a movie come together in a cute way.

Like, like people who end up falling in love with each other, but I use the term for friendships meet cute. It's how you meet. It's the story that evolves. It's the story that revolves around how you meet. Meet Cute. Right? How would you, how did y'all meet? How did you, how would you describe

Meet cute.

[00:07:20] Matt: No, that's perfect.

Yeah, it's a story you can tell if somebody ever asks you, how did y'all meet? Well, in this case with, with these people, it was like, well, they showed up one day with the couch

[00:07:32] Fawn: FedEx brought us together a missed delivery, but in a way, like to not get upset over a

mixed up situation, to see how there was a gift in it, there was a gift within the loss of this package. We could have gotten upset over it, things happen. Right. But there's always a gift in the


[00:07:52] Matt: Right. And you

can interpret it a variety of different ways.

Like when they first showed up with the couch, I. Well, this is a woman who just didn't wanna wait for us and just said, screw it. I'm just gonna drop the couch off on the front porch. And that's how we, and that's how I interpreted it initially. She was just frustrated with our inability to actually make it to the door.

[00:08:15] Fawn: And yeah, I thought, yeah, it's amazing where our thoughts go because I thought, oh, she hates us. like, she's probably thinking who are these buffoons? Well,

[00:08:25] Matt: I just don't want these people anywhere near my house. So I'm just gonna drop this off here and just not have to deal

with them.

[00:08:30] Fawn: We just went to the worst place.

Right. And that's what happens when you're tired also true. Right. And you're, you're overwhelmed. And when we first moved here, we were definitely swindled by a crook. So we were on guard also. Right. And so, you know, no matter what happens, you can have your feelings hurt. You can have situations where people do you wrong.

It's really important to stay open and positive and not hold a grudge about life, right? Because of the circumstances that happen, things go awry, messes happen, but just know there are always gifts available. That's the message for today. We're not gonna talk too long.

[00:09:13] Matt: Well, for me, it's intent. And, how you choose to view things again, which is kind of restating what you said. If you assume good intent from people. And you attempt to see good intent from people then, you have a shot at making a friend. If you assume bad intent all the time from people, then you're closing yourself off.

And that's actually sadly where we started. But as it turns out, Bridget was so lovely. It was impossible to stay there.

[00:09:44] Fawn: Bridget and Russ. Yes, A love story. And so what happened was that we used our thank you cards. We made sure that we didn't leave it there. Cause we could have left it there. We could have left it as, oh, that was nice.

They delivered this thing to us and we said, thank you at the time we could have left it there, but we wanted to pursue it. We wanted to get to know these people. So we wrote, thank you. Thank you. Card and Allegra Baked a baguette, a freshly baked like hot baguette. Delicious. And we figured out the address from our next door neighbor and we delivered it to her and she, I don't think she recognized us when we pounded on our door.

No and we explained really quickly who we were. She's like, oh yeah, we were. So we gave her the thank you card and the bread and left her phone number and said, please, please. If there's anything we can do for you we're we we've got you. Right. And that we'd like to keep, keep in touch and we invited her over.

And she actually, before that invited us in,

[00:10:49] Matt: she did,

[00:10:50] Fawn: which is rare also, you know, you knock on someone's door. It's rare that anyone says, please come in. You know what I'm saying? Yes. And that was the first thing she did. Right. And there

[00:11:01] Matt: was like four of us.

[00:11:03] Fawn: Hello? Yeah, we had the kids with us, we didn't go in because we had to go back home really quick to make dinner.

And I had work to do, but this is another example of always going further to do one more little baby step towards a friendship. And for me, for us, that was making sure that we kept in touch with these. that Bridget and Russ are family members. We're family, we're friends. You know what I'm saying now?

Absolutely. And so we invited them over to something that we're doing today. We're planting a tree. We're going to do a little ceremony in honor of friendship, community and family. We're baking cupcakes and we've invited all the neighbors to partake in a cupcake and the sprinkling of water into this newly planted tree in our front yard to, to what's.

How, how would you explain it, that to bring about


[00:12:02] Matt: Yeah, it's about bringing the community together for an event and the event can be trivial. It's in the same way that I describe I'll text the people I know that I haven't talked to in a while thanksgiving's an excellent opportunity to do this, just to say, Hey, happy Thanksgiving, hope all's going well, peace out.

[00:12:21] Fawn: And you know, that's one way of at least applying a little tension on the friendship to, you know, if they respond back then, you know, maybe you guys can have a conversation or whatever it is, but this again helps foster that kind of a thing. But this is face to


Really not waiting for a Thanksgiving.

[00:12:39] Matt: Right.

[00:12:40] Fawn: Just doing it randomly.

[00:12:41] Matt: Yes.

[00:12:42] Fawn: Throughout the year.

[00:12:42] Matt: And that's just, it, I said, Thanksgiving is a good opportunity cuz Thanksgiving's coming down the pike, but so is Halloween. So is,

[00:12:49] Fawn: there's always something

[00:12:50] Matt: there's always something fall Equinox and who

[00:12:52] Fawn: happened just for the fun of it.

[00:12:54] Matt: And sometimes it's just because of Saturday.

[00:12:56] Fawn: Hey. Yeah, exactly. Sometimes it's I feel like baking a cupcake, everybody come over and partake, you know, and. That's that's the thing. we're actively pursuing that. Now. Be brave and keep going. Create and foster a growing blossoming family.

[00:13:17] Matt: Yes.

[00:13:18] Fawn: And family is beyond what you're born into family is your global family.

So a tree planting the tree is a perfect example of a blossoming growing relationship. Yes. And, you know, we don't know how to plant things. We don't know how to plant a tree. So we asked for help. The neighbors came over and taught us how to do it and,

[00:13:42] Matt: and helped us plant the tree,

[00:13:44] Fawn: frankly. Yeah, because we need each other.

Thank goodness. Remember how we would tell you guys that one of the, one of the deal breakers for us was when we would ask people for help, for advice, they would tell us to go Google it. And for me that was a deal breaker. Like that's the rudest thing you can say to me. Right.

[00:14:05] Matt: Particularly if you have expertise in that area, it's

[00:14:09] Fawn: ridiculous.

Yeah. Like why? And then they would tell us, like, you know, Google. I'm like this was years ago. Right. And I would turn to Matt and just look at him and talk to him, telepathically, like, is this person legit right now telling you if you know about Google, like you are the techiest tech ever computer guy, like, okay, buddy.

Thanks. Thank you. Thank you very much for your assistance. And like in the, in the amount of time that they spent wasting their energy telling us how to Google something. They could have easily told us a quick answer to the question we had for

[00:14:47] Matt: them. Right. Or just say, well, you know, you can't Google it, but this is my experience.

Right. I mean, for goodness sake. Yeah, of course

[00:14:54] Fawn: Google it. But, and, and not to dwell on the negative right now. So we're, we're dwelling on the positive. I wanna leave it at that, make it a quick show today. But just to remember, there is always an opportunity.

There is always magic around you. There are always your people around you. Be brave and just go with it. It's a dance, jump in there and do the dance. Bridget and Russ did the dance brought over this thing. They didn't expect anything, but we jumped in and were like, Hey, thank you. Here's some bread.

You wanna hang out with us? And they said, yes, you know, right. Community, the friendship. That's what it is. So tune in, we'll see where this leads. We'll tell you more about Bridget and Russ and this new friendship. So, what have you been up to? Let us know, go to our friendly world podcast.com let us know what you think. We'll talk to you in a few days. Take care. Be well, bye.